About Me

I’m a software engineer and gamer. Here I post mostly technical stuff, but also some gaming related things. Find my posts on the blog page.

Games Link to heading

I play a lot of strategy games. Here are some of my favorites:

Work history Link to heading

Facebook Link to heading

At Facebook I co-owned and wrote most parts of their media serving infrastructure including the networking and storage stack required to store and serve media on the planet’s largest social network. Later on, I worked on the product side of things: writing features for business pages.

SignalFx Link to heading

One of the earliest hires of SignalFx, I built out their open source stack and data injestion pipeline. SignalFx was eventually acquired by Splunk.

Twitch Link to heading

At Twitch, owned by Amazon, I worked on the content discovery system and follows graph.

Cresta Link to heading

I joined Cresta very early and wrote out almost all of their backend infrastructure around AWS and Kubernetes.

Past presentations Link to heading

I’ve given a few presentations in the past. Here are some of them.

Practical Advice for Go Library Authors Link to heading

My talk at GopherCon 2016 about how to write good Go libraries.

How to correctly use package context Link to heading

My talk for Golang UK Conference 2017 about how to correctly use the context package in Go.

Discovery of Worst Case Go Sort Inputs Link to heading

My talk at Gopherpalooza 2019 about the discovery of worst case inputs for Go’s sort package using Genetic Algorithms.